What you should know before you go sandboarding in Lima

Are you the kind of person that loves to have a good time and always tries to find a new way to have a good time?, well here is what you should know before sandboarding in Lima.

In the world of sandboarding there are different ways to go down a dune and it is considered an adventure and action sport, therefore when you start the practice it´s worth taking a series of considerations as well as knowing some facts and information that we will provide to you, let’s start:

  • While in Lima where can I practice sandboarding?

Lima is not foreign to deserts and dunes because part of the city is located on this ecosystem therefore you will find these places:

Aucallama, has the best and vast offer from sand sled to professional sandboarding while in Chilca you can only practice professional sandboarding.

  • The right equipment

The equipment also plays a very important role to make us feel comfortable on the sandboard. The indispensable ones are the helmet, glasses and boots. With all this we will be sufficiently protected as not to go through any mishap and enjoy the happiness of gliding all the way down.

  • get some practice on flat ground

Before heading to the dunes, we recommend practicing some static basic technique on a flat area with the help of an instructor and he will give you some tips to start leaning the movements of sandboarding. If you are one of the people who easily maintains balance or a kinesthetic this sport will be a piece of cake for you.

  • Apply wax under the table

Solid or liquid wax is necessary for the activity, remember that for each run the process of wax must be repeated because the wax washes off with the sand friction. Make sure you polish the board very well for a long nice and smooth run. If you forget to wax the sandboard you probably go down very slowly and heavy and you won’t make it to the bottom of the dune.

  • Start descending on a low slope dune

Don´t take so much risk. Don´t look for a steep dune what we want is to have a good balance and basic technique. Constant practice will be enough to look for a large dune and to be able to shred (ride with speed and style).

Before you start riding the dunes, make sure you are being taken to an easy looking slope with the help of an instructor to make sure that the sand dune is right for your level of experience beginner, intermediate or advanced.

  • Physical condition and hydration

It is not necessary to follow a strict regime as if we were professional athletes but if we must take into account these light food and trail mix on the day that you are going sandboarding. To avoid heaviness during the activity is recommended to eat fruits and snacks. It is also essential to take care of hydration to get the most out of the day.

  • Season and weather

The best season to practice sandboarding is in the summer even though is a 365 days a year activity to practice.  Summer mornings from 7 am to 10 am and in the afternoons from 3 pm to 6 pm ending with the perfect sunset is your go to.

  • Wear light quick dry clothing

We are in the desert and the temperature is high .We recommend wearing light and comfortable clothing, long pants and trekking or running shoes. Accompanied by a bandana, sunglasses and a cap, at all times avoid using cotton fabric clothes and don´t forget to put on some sunscreen before heading into the wilderness.


Keep in mind these tips for you to have the best experience ever and be a responsible traveler.