Without getting too far, Huaral is located 50 miles from Lima, this fascinating province is well known for its agriculture heritage, wine production. And its authentic gastronomy which itself makes locals visit Huaral to try out the typical dishes.

Huaral is placed in between coastal deserts and a gorgeous fruit valley. This place has been blessed with outstanding deserts and the biggest sand dunes in Lima, this dunes are located in between the farms and the ocean. A prove of that is the main high way “Pan-American north” which crosses “Pasamayo “ a sinuous high way that crosses the desert with the ocean along it until you get to its gorgeous valley.

Huaral is a new destination for local tourist, and for adventure travel in the deserts is almost unknown.

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Best Season:All Year Round
Popular Location: LIMA


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    Want to adventure the deserts and don’t know how to start? Sand sleeding is the most used way to experience our dunes. We bring this for families and friends.

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