We are a team of Peruvian professionals of the snow sports and tourism; we are fully passioned about snowboard and ski.


We have the highest appreciation for the coastal deserts in Peru, so our activities are always linked to the sustainable development of this ecosystems.

Our mission

We add value to the deserts in Lima through tourism.

Our Vision 2021

We generate positive changes in the deserts we operate through synergy of the agents involved.

``We believe and apply ideas that add value to our service.”

We embrace the differences and similarities of the agents involved in tourism and the space where we work.


It is the feeling that moves us day by day, makes us believe in us, in the places and the activities that we develop.


Our products are designed with the tourist in mind, each tour is an opportunity to learn from them


We didn’t get here alone and our way will always be full of incredible people who inspire and help us.


People who always support and endorse our good work!