Hand by Hand, we have created an amazing event for local kids in Huaral (80km from Lima). Our objective is to promote recreational activities and tourism in the desert and well-being for the local community.

The local development of a community is based on economic, social and environmental measures.  Being all of these indicators important for the development. This sport-social event addresses the social and environmental indicators with local kids.  We are convinced that the future would always be the kids. With this project, we look forward to involve them with the desert trough recreational activities. Moreover, have a future with adults that defend their resources and lands. On the other hand, we want to promote health, values and the active leisure in kids and young.

  •  Objectives:Generate a relationship of friendship and support between the committee organizer and the organizations supporting the event.
  • Foment a space for recreation and active leisure for local kids of low economic sources.
  • Involve the municipality and companies of the destination to scale this event and have bigger range next year.
  • Work and alliance with a sandboard builder company

Here at desert expeditions we are involved in the development of the deserts through tourism for locals and visitors. This year we are involving 20 kids in this full day tour Taylor made for them. Where they will make their own kite, enjoy a puppet show, move their body with local afro dances, go sand sleeding and sandboarding in a lifetime experience that we are proud to support.

if you are interested about this project or want to support leave us an email to: limasandschool@desertexpeditions.com.pe