Tips to experience Chilca, an adventure destination very close to Lima

About 40 miles from Lima, Chilca awaits for all adventure seekers with a different experience for everybody, find out the adventure activities in the UFO capital of Lima

How to get to chilca?

The easiest way is by your own or rental car, but if not you can take a bus to Cañete or Ica. The bus stops in any bus stop picking up passengers and dropping off some others. The most popular stops are Circunvalación and Atocongo in Lima

  1. Chilca has an extensive desert starting at the km 56 to the 71 km of the south Pan-American high way, this desert is very well known for the off road community and you can find UTV´s and ATV´S

Take a tour and get inside the Desert, try out some sandboarding, there is no tregret when you find out what it is about.

  1. Chilca has 3 famous salt water lagoons which have properties to heal many illness, they are very popular and are something you can´t miss mostly in the summer time.

Get to know la mellicera, la milagrosa, la encantada and enjoy el barro on all your body

  1. UFO ice creams?, well yes, Chilca is famous for UFO´s sightseeing but also for its fruit ice creams that are everywhere.

Try out mango, passion fruit, fig and guanabana, they all are pretty good.

  1. Culinary adventure on the go, once you are in Chilca you will totally know it, because you will see local breakfast places along the high way.

Enjoy the local cheese bread with jam, olives and others, just like a local

  1. In the beaches of Chilca there are UFO´s camps, hundreds of people come together to find any UFO´s sign. If your adventure is the supernatural, this suits perfect for you.

The radio show, “viaje a otra dimension” organizes a camp every year, keep updated if for info about the camping dates.

Video: Sandboarding experience in Chilca

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