Lima celebrated the world snow day in Huaral, Lima

January the 21st in Lima joined 516 simultaneous events around the world with the goal of celebrating snow sports, in lima we celebrated  sandboarding as a way to develop kids skills and general health.

FIS  the  international ski federation it the organization that norms and develops skiing and snowboarding in the world, also takes charge of the winter Olympics. They have been developing an initiative called “world snow day, to celebrate snow sports, healthy lifestyle and outdoor recreation with the goal of involving new people with these winter sports. The most fascinated are the kids and youths that never tried the sports before in their life’s.

In between all the activities that are organized this day, the most populars are, snowboard and ski demos, free equipment rental, free resort pass, free lessons, activations and recreational activities. In Peru this event has already taken place for two years in Huacachina  by Sandboarding Perú whose have already involve kids and youths with the event and have showcase Sandboarding lessons and Sandboarding demos.

This was the first time that this event is going to take place in Lima and not many organizations and companies are committed to support the event. However Desert Expeditions has set up the bar high and is involving local civil organizations and non lucrative organizations as ,  a local recreational centre “Laguna Santa Rosa”, sandboarding manufacturer “Nomada Sandboards”, and of course this is all going to be part of the activities run by Lima Sand School

The event will mainly have the following activities: Painted faces, taekwondo lessons, sandboarding lessons for beginners, sandboarding demo and sled. Looking forward to promote the sport in a positive way to promote Sandboarding as a sport and tourist activity in Lima.

World snow day in Lima, celebrating snow sports, sandboarding in Peru.


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