Adventure travel hacks for your next trip to Peru

When it comes down to experiences and travel, we have to get things organized and plan our activities, here are some tips that would help you have the best adventure in Peru.

Tip 1: Adventure does not mean risk and fun but also culture, nature and live changing experiences.

It doesn’t matter what anybody tells you, we all have a different way to live an adventure on a singular and different way, just make sure you always do something new, unknown, risky, challenging, extreme, ultimate, drill, impossible, scary, and also makes you feel accomplished, then all of that is adventure.

Tip 2: When you are looking for specialized or complex adventures, make sure you have a specialized operator as well

When we are looking for our next adventure, it is very important to take risks and the experience you want seriously. We already know the story about tour we booked once and didn’t receive what we expected at all, make your experience count.

Tip 3: Use your cellphone apps and get ready for the next destination

Sometimes we don’t think about weather, geography, and difficulty of the activities we will be doing until we get there, for that reason always check apps like Google maps and know about the weather, news, geography, traffic and trails.

Tip 4: Drink water regularly the day before, during the day and avoid fast food.

The body works better when is hydrated, avoid headaches and excessive fatigue that we believe normal for being dehydrated. Avoid grassy and heavy food, choose pastas because they offer energy and are light for your stomach. Also try out the variety of nuts that we have in the local market.

Tip 5: Pay attention to the reviews of travelers about the places you are visiting and the activities you will be doing

Plan out and invest some time to get to know about the destination you will be visiting to avoid wrong perceptions. Check out the social media of the places you are going like Facebook, Google plus and Tripadvisor and get to know what others said about it so you can decide better. Also if you have a group try to contact the local businesses and reach a discount for groups, you will mostly get it and it would be better to have a scheduled itinerary.

Tip 6: The maximum speed in a high way in Peru is 90 km per hour, get your timing right and ask for receives wherever you go.

Plan your itinerary in a conservatory way, usually you can do 4 to 6 activities in a day, don’t plan any more than that for you to enjoy your time and remember to always ask for receives and support local formal businesses.

Tip 7: Organize your footage and share it in your favorite social media.

Leave your review of the services, activities and attractions you have visited so other travelers could read it and choose better based on your experience, you will support grow competitiveness, better service and best experiences.

Remember to always be a responsible traveler, respect local culture, and avoid using plastic and support local production and services.


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