Since snow sports have become famous around the world in countries like, U.S.A, Canada, Switzerland, France, Italy, Chile and Argentina just to mention a few. Since the 80s Peru has had yearly events in the mecca of mountaineering, Huaraz. This region mountains are the best and almost only place to ski and snowboard; of course, something more as a demonstration purposes and that´s it for snow sports in our country.

 However, there is a huge option for enthusiastic which are Sandboarding and Sandskiing. Peru boasts the biggest dunes in the world.

Sand sports are a unique adventure in a different environment, which are a challenge for everyone at every level of skill. Sandboarding has been growing consistently since 2010 and nowadays you can Sandboard in Lima, Ica, Arequipa, Ancash, Trujillo and Piura. Plenty of deserts for plenty of travelers looking forward having a lifetime experience, so here we are to enjoy Sandboarding this 2017.