How to go sandboarding on the street slopes of Lima?

Did you know that  snowboarding and sandboarding has grown  a lot in Peru?, not only that; nowadays you can also ride a sandboard on the street slopes of Lima.

Here in Freeboard Peru we have a solid and clear objective, which is to translate our passion about snowboarding and sandboarding to the streets of Lima. Every time since 2011 year that we started snowboarding in Keystone, Colorado. We could not help seeking that feeling of sliding down a mountain and ripping the snow. The snow composition is about 80% air, so literally you feel like you are in a cloud floating and with that freedom feeling.

So, back in Peru we got immersed into sandboarding in 2013 which we consider the brother of snowboarding. We have had so many incredible moments meeting and hanging with a small community that grows every year. We have traveled to Piura, Trujillo, Chimbote, Ica, Nazca, Huaral and Arequipa to ride with the locals the most amazing dunes and the biggest in the world where you can get in touch with nature.

A couple of years after, the cousin of snowboarding came across in our life. Just like any other pasioned rider if you are not on the board, you are watching videos of people on a board. We saw this short film from California and left us speechless. It was one of this crazy guys on a six-wheeled- board which simulated snowboard movements but on the streets, and we tough, we need to have this boards here in Peru and share our passion with our friends not only through Sandboarding this time but through free boarding on the city´s slopes.

These Freeboards are without a doubt the most versatile boards we have ever tried and we are always glad to share this feeling with new people, it doesn’t matter that is for beginners or experienced skaters to name one, fun times are ensure but never forget always keep safety a priority, always wear a helmet at least, never forget about it.

Here is an invitation for all the surf, skate, longboard and bike communities in Lima to come try out these activities the only risk is to become addicted.

Freeboard and sandboard in Lima, 2017

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By Alejandro Veliz – Freeboard Peru director