Environmental education and sandboarding for kids in Huaral dunes

Lima Sand School and Desert Expeditions gave Sandboarding and environmental education activities for kids in the desert of Aucallama in Huaral

The last Saturday 9th of September in Aucallama threw up an event in Huaral called Full day Sand Kids, a social initiative to involve local kids with the touristic resources through recreational activities, environmental education and Sandboarding in the gorgeous desert of Huaral.

Starting at 10 am, the organizers and kids met and started the day with a Muppets show about Carlitos, a kid who visited natural preserve Lomas de Ancon for the first time and met a gecko, a bat and a fox, these animals taught him about their habits and ecosystems. The kids actively participated in the story and learned about the importance of not littering and respecting wild life.

Shift of “Zona Reservada Lomas de Ancón” introducing the muppets show to our sand kids

A few activations were settle to promote team work between the 23 kids in the event, every team had a volunteer supporting them. The next workshop had to be with kites that the kids made with re use plastic. Every team made their own personalize kite and were anxious about flying them on the desert sky.

At lunch everybody enjoyed local Carapulcra and chicken, focusing on the afroperuvian heritage in Aucallama with a demo of afro music and modern music by k’amantar cultural association. Meanwhile part of Lima Sand School team head to the desert to organize the area for Sandboarding and kites. Some kids started flying their kites and running all over the dunes and others started sand sledding and some of them with experience sandborded with semi professional boards. Desert Expeditions gave a demonstration of professional Sandboarding and professional sand skiing.

Group picture, everybody excited to be part of the event.

The event reached the goals for 2017 and the organizers expect to escalate the event for the 2018, getting support from other companies, municipality of Aucallama, Ahora Huaral and other organizations related to the development of sustainable tourism.

Finally, we give some tons up to Lima Sand School for the work and compromised shown with the new generations. And also to the companies that believed in the event like Peru 8 mil, Centro Touristic Laguna Santa Rosa, Nomada Sandboards and Club de Turismo UNFV.

Kids flying their own hand made recycled plastic kite in the desert
Sand kid riding semi pro sandboard thanks to “Nomada Sandboards”

Check out the video of the event:

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